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YES this is a classifieds site and NO it's not what you have in mind! This site is all about sharing instead of selling! It's a peer-to-peer renting classifieds site and if you believe that access trumps ownership and that collaborative consumption opens new opportunities - you have come to the right place! Post your own free advert today to share stuff on Sheralot.com or browse the various categories on the site to see if you would like to rent any specific items. 

The benefits of sharing over selling (for the "Lessor")

Why settle for a once off lump sum through a sale, when you can keep ownership of your possessions whilst generating an additional income stream whilst you sleep, eat, do your regular work or partake in recreational activities. Sheralot.com assists you in monetizing your commodities and best of all - it's for free! Earn money by sharing your tools, equipment, designer clothes, storage space, timeshare or sports equipment whilst you are not utilizing it. What a great way of subsidizing your cost of ownership! 

The benefits of sharing over buying (for the "Lessee")

Wouldn't it be nice to have a jetski at the Sentosa Cove ? Feel like a mountain bike outing with the friends once a quarter? Need to find storage space for a couple of goodies? Buy to own is not always the most economical solution to your problems or desires! Sheralot.com connects you with people in your area who have what you are looking for and are willing to let you utilize it in exchange for money. This is a great solution for people who enjoy the benefits of occasionally using goods without having to bear the cost of ownership. 

The benefits of shared buying power

Not everybody likes doing business with friends or family as it may complicate relationships further down the line or simply be impractical. You are keen on purchasing a sailing boat but feel a steep investment for something you only use occasionally? Why not find a partner on Sheralot.com to purchase it together and agree on the terms of use - just like a timeshare holiday agreement! Want to own a horse but don't have time to attend to it on a daily basis? Post a horse owner partnership advert to share the cost and time a horse requires! Sheralot.com connects you with like-minded people in your area to explore shared buying power at your own terms. 

The benefits for sociable souls

Find another sociable soul to share great experiences together such as a jointed road trip, fellow para-gliders, passionate cooks or gifted artists. Sheralot.com can help you to connect with like-minded people in a geographic area of your choice to share simply good times. 

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By signing up for Sheralot.com you automatically agree to the Sheralot.com Terms of Use. Like on all other online sites that connect people with shared interests, it is of utmost importance to be safety conscious! Read the Sheralot.com Safety Tips before engaging via our site.   

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