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How to Post an Advert on Sheralot


Use this simple guide to post your first advert on and soon you will receive consumer queries on your shared items.

1.     Choose whether you want to Login or Register on upfront. This is not a requirement for posting adverts.

2.      Click on the orange “Post Free Ad” button in the top right corner of your screen.

3.      Complete the following fields:

a.      Title: Enter the title for your advert

b.      Category: Select a category to which your advert belongs to

c.      District: Select the district your shared item is located in

d.      City: Enter your city.

f.       Price: Enter a daily, weekly or monthly rental rate of your product.

g.      Tag: Select relevant tag for your advert. The tag (daily, weekly or monthly) indicates the nature of your

         rental rate (price) to other users.

h.      Description: Describe your product to other users. Remember to share as much useful information as

         possible to help you generate quality queries.

4.      Images & video

a.      YouTube video:  Paste your YouTube video link if you have one.

b.      Images:  Upload up to 6 images of your shared item. Remember nice photographs attract more interest.

5.      Contact details

a.      Address:  Enter your address – this will not be displayed to other users

b.      Location:  Enter your location – this will not be displayed to other users

c.      Postal code:  Enter your area(s) postal code – this will not be displayed to other users

d.      Phone number: Enter your phone number - this is optional and will be displayed to other


e.      Email: Enter your email address - this is a mandatory field and will be visible to users

6.      Membership & Promotion

a.      Memberships – Using is totally free. You don’t have to select anything.

b.      Promote this advert: You have the option to promote your advert for SGD10 per day to receive more exposure,

         views and queries. You may choose the number of days you want to boost your advert. Payments are

         processed via Paypal. This allows your credit card payment as well as EFT.

7.      Accept Terms & Conditions: Select “I agree to the terms and conditions”. This is obligatory. You may not use
 services without accepting our Terms of Use.

8.      Select the green “Post Ad” button.

You can now find your advert listed under “My Adverts”. You will receive an email confirmation that your advert has been posted (if you are a registered user already) or a request to confirm the publishing of your advert by clicking on a URL in the email body.

Happy Sharing on