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How to Promote your Advert

1.       You have 2 options to access your adverts:

a.       Go to main menu and select “My Adverts”

b.       Go to main menu and select “My Dashboard” and then click on “My Ads” in the top right corner

2.       You can review all of your listed adverts in the table displayed and the column on the right gives you the option to edit, delete or promote your advert.

a.       Click on the golden star to select “Promote” your advert.

3.       Fill in your preferred choices

a.       Number of days to promote your advert – keep an eye on the accumulated the price that is displayed on the right side. It changes as you change your days to give you full transparency on how much it will cost you.

b.       Select Paypal as your method of payment. Paypal is a secure ecommerce payment gate that will allow you to either pay via credit card or direct EFT.

4.       Select “Submit” button and follow the Paypal instructions for secure payment.


5.       You advert will be promoted once payment has been concluded. You will receive a confirmation email.

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