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Singapore's new rental classifieds site with a difference

Ever catch yourself daydreaming of the next adventure, that new ride or fancy designer attire for that special occasion? Perhaps a couple of nights on a sailing yacht? A new electric scooter? A coastal holiday with the family or a professional photography workshop?

You may think: I don’t have a yacht, neither a beach house, designer clothing or fancy camera equipment! It’s all expensive and how often will I use it anway?

This is where lends a helping hand to fill a gap in the market – it is a new rental classifieds website, which takes the private rental concept to the next level in Singapore. The website connects consumers and small businesses alike to advertise items of general use for rent instead of purchase. The concept is simple and called shared consumption – the consumer rents what he needs when he needs it and for how long he needs it from fellow Singaporean Residents or local businesses. Renting typically works out cheaper than purchasing and allows the consumer to have larger access to things without having to the bear the cost of ownership.

You can try out sailing without buying the whole gear or getting your licence. Rent a boat and a skipper for the weekend to try it all out. For the ladies, that have a large collection of ‘once-off occasion’ evening dresses, why not rent out your dresses to fellow ladies who are in search for new evening attire? Families going on overseas holidays can temporarily rent out their vehicles to other families staying behind. The sport enthusiasts who’ve temporarily swapped their bicycle for running shoes can rent it out to like-minded enthusiasts and so the opportunities seem endless.

Whether it’s sports equipment, kids stuff, evening attire, home & garden items, tools or even storage space – there is likely to be something in most households that is under-utilized at some stage and hence can be rented out.

Singaporeans have already trialed and tested the peer-to-peer-renting of apartments, houses, vehicles and boats via other online platforms, why not try something new and utilize the things you already own but don’t always use to earn some extra cash which by the way helps others to save some cash.

If any of this sparks your interest check out the new site and be one of the first to advertise your stuff for free and don’t forget to share your ad on social media to help attract customers for your advert.


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