is a platform that connects lessors and lessees to easily share resources and commodities if and when required. is not involved in the actual rental transaction and therefore accepts no liability under any circumstances for any losses, damages or injuries resulting from the interaction of consumers on this site., like many other Classifieds platforms works on the principle of trust. Herewith some guidelines which will help all users to stay safe whilst enjoying the benefits of this platform - or any other classifieds platform for that matter:

Safety Tips

1. Never exchange money upfront.

2. Know your customer! You can ask for some or all of the below documents to clearly identify who you are dealing with:


- Passport

- Driver's License

- Proof of Address

- Employer information

3. Check the other person's background on social media

4. Don't meet alone, at unusual times and choose public places.

5. At point of handover you can:

 - take a picture of the license disc and vehicle registration

 - of the person

 - take a deposit

6. Always check the condition and functionality of commodities shared together. Take pictures. Make notes. You are free to use the Sample Equipment Lease Agreement as a guideline.

7. Have a clear understanding of who is liable for what in the event of damage or loss of the shared item. If you are concerned consult with your insurance company.

8. Agree when and where the item will be returned.

9. Check the condition and functionality of the shared commodity together at point of return. Take pictures. Make notes. 

Most importantly, always keep your own safety and that of others in mind and have fun using!