is a classifieds platform that aims to connect consumers and small businesses to share resources and commodities in exchange for money in various categories such as boats and jetskis, sports equipment, electronics, tools and many more. Browse through our current selection of listings and get inspired to post your own free advert!

What can you share?

Pretty much anything that:

 - you own but under-utilize (garden tools, sports equipment, accessories, trailors, music instruments, storage space, holiday apartment, unused time-share, etc)

 - that's worth sharing with like-minded people for the 'sake of the the experience' (fishing buddy, concert crowd, paragliding buddy, etc)

 - incurs a cost that you would like to share (road trip, holiday, horse ownership, jet ski, etc) 

 - involves your time and skill-set (make-up workshop, cooking class, arts & craft workshop)

Why share?

The idea is that ACCESS trumps OWNERSHIP. You use something if and when you need it - for a fraction of the cost of real ownership - Obike,, and are all examples of the same concept but focused around a specific niche. Singaporeans love classifieds sites and have been buying new and used items for years from famous sites like, Craigslist Singapore, Singapore Expats Classifieds and of course Caroussel! Collaborative consumption will allow some people to earn some extra money, others to save some money and others to find sociable souls to share some good times together.'s sharing function allows you to share your free advert on your preferred social media channel to let your social contacts know what you have to offer - you can also tag certain people, groups or places to target your sharing audience. So why wait any longer? Have fun sharing some stuff!

To keep this platform valuable and safe for all its users we need you to adhere to the following Sharing Guidelines:

  • Only share items of which your are the rightful owner
  • Ensure the condition of the item is in order before sharing it - advise other users of minor impairments
  • Ensure the item is fully functional and does not pose any safety risks for yourself or other users
  • Take visually attractive pictures to make your shared item more appealing to fellow website users
  • Include Youtube video links of your product to increase engagement with your advert
  • Consider your sharing terms:
    • do you require a deposit
    • how and by whom can your item be transported
    • where would you possibly meet the lessee
    • the secure handling of money and deliveries
    • what happens if your shared item gets damaged, lost or stolen - who will be liable for what and remember to always have a written agreement in place before sealing the deal
  • Review the Sample Equipment Lease Agreement that has been made available on this site as a guideline
  • Read our Safety Tips before transacting with other users
  • Visit our Help section for a range of "How to" questions

Please remember at all times that is only a platform to connect you with like-minded people. is not able to form part or facilitate the actual agreement between users.  

Happy sharing on!